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On the condensing water heater remains to be advantageous

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A person of a well-known gas-fired company who failed to wish to be named told reporters that the company had previously done a handful of experiments including steel, magnesium, other metals, and other metal substitute elements.

The results were not adequate, so the company has continually used copper. are currently many materials can not be replaced, but the use of s / s heat exchangers on the condensing water heater remains to be advantageous, because the former on the condensate Strong corrosion resistance. "Based on the use of stainless steel, take the middle and head to two ends.

Then again, he did not agree that this manufacturer's use of steel to replace copper is perfect for cost-saving considerations.Ouyang Jianwu, secretary general with the Guangdong Gas Water Heater Market Association, said that only steel heat exchangers are used around gas water heaters, such seeing that AO Smith and South Korea's "Chongdong, " and European gas boilers also use stainless heat exchangers, but they Hanging furnace Series BPHE are currently included in HVAC BPHE China. a bit less. "

Stainless steel utilization is only about 65%, and the complexity of the processing process, so stainless steel The price tag on heat exchangers is not reduced than copper heat exchangers. He talked about that the high thermal conductivity of copper, the stability of shrinking expansion, the ease of canning, etc

The thermal conductivity coefficient with heat exchanger

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Its understood that the core role in the heat exchanger is to rapidly transfer the heat generated by gas combustion into the water. The better the energy conductivity, the better the heat transfer.

At present, no heat exchanger material as good as copper has been found about the field. For the past two ages, the water heater heat exchanger "steel generation copper" phenomenon appeared available in the market, the reporter and the International Copper Association copper excellent of life project of the lake heater partner company has built contact, Brazed plate heat exchanger several gas water heater providers agreed that only copper materials Will be best solution.

The thermal conductivity coefficient with copper is 400 W/mK, minute only to silver. The industry is using copper as a heat exchanger material for decades. The heat generated by means of gas combustion is transferred that will water, and the better the particular thermal conductivity, the better your heat exchange..

The core role from the water heater heat exchanger can be rapid. copper plate heat exchanger The high thermal conductivity with copper, the stability of shrinkage and expansion, and the ease of processing are the best materials for your manufacture of gas water heaters heat exchangers. In fact, comparing the four aspects, the performance of copper material is preferable to stainless steel in the areas of the water heater heat exchanger. A industry expert told reporters: “The first may be the basic performance

We design and build heat exchangers that China Heat Exchanger

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They make it possible to transfer thermal energy from one fluid to yet another without contacting them directly."Nuclear energy makes us live. China Heat Exchanger We are one of several few companies in France to own a machine for drilling tubular plates which could drill holes up to 800 meters thick and perfectly aligned.

It's like a trouble tank that has the shape of a big can with 1000s of tubes held by a tubular plate by which they are welded. We have a structured and competent design place of work. We are not at the heart from the atom. " Stanislas Baugé and Jean-Paul Picard supply no price "in relation on the competition" nor any key determine: "We have two years involving work before us.

We manufacture ESP components (pressure equipment) rather than ESPN components (nuclear pressure equipment). We are competitive and adequately rated. We play from the big leagues. But it isn't pure nuclear, Stanissas Baugé, president belonging to the group Nawi who bought Guerton inside 2013, and Jean-Paul Picard, director on the site of Bonneval, immediately specify. This allows us to option directly with EDF, which is actually our main customer.

The tubes are then threaded 1 by 1 with your finger. " Nuclear energy represents "a big third" associated with Guerton's business: "We design and build heat exchangers that are an essential part of a plant. " By acquiring Citec, which participated in the creation of the French nuclear fast, in 1989, Guerton revived it's activity for nuclear power crops. ".. "We have unique know-how. You can find about fifty heat exchangers for any water station

What about the following resource when these Brazed plate heat

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 "In Parentis-en-Born, inside Landes, 17 hectares of greenhouses are heated in this manner, " explains Sylvain Nothhelfer, Basic Manager of Vermilion.Before being reinjected in to the basement, freed from the oil that it carries and destined for that refinery of Brazed plate heat exchanger Grandpuits in Seine-et-Marne, this water of deposit will dsicover its calories captured by the heat exchanger. The company is thinking of "other projects of the same type in the vicinity", but does not would like to say too much about the item yet.

But the leader in the extraction with hydrocarbons in France with 600 wells and 75% of national production is just not his first experience. This device is often a first for Vermilion in Ile-de-France.

"This responds to a serious request from the population searching for quality products, accessible in short circuit ", explains the metropolis councilor. "We are starting to look seriously at the particular reconversion of our sites, "says Sylvain Nothhelfer. Use heat from oil wells to heat the facilities of your organic farm and greenhouses? The idea is more than trotting from the head of Alexander Spada. In Los angeles Teste-de-Buch (Gironde), a similar method supplies 450 homes.

They will be transferred to scrub water that will be supplied from the municipality and then distributed while in the heating network, as is previously done elsewhere. But what about the following resource when these platforms get stopped producing oil? The question is raised since the end of last year and the law passed with the Minister of the Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot announcing the completed of the production of gas and oil in 2040. When signing the agreement with Vermilion with Tuesday, the Mayor of Itteville spoke in regards to the project to give a new destiny towards grounds of the former municipal campground, administratively closed since 2016


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