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14 Jun, 2018

We design and build heat exchangers that China Heat Exchanger

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They make it possible to transfer thermal energy from one fluid to yet another without contacting them directly."Nuclear energy makes us live. China Heat Exchanger We are one of several few companies in France to own a machine for drilling tubular plates which could drill holes up to 800 meters thick and perfectly aligned.

It's like a trouble tank that has the shape of a big can with 1000s of tubes held by a tubular plate by which they are welded. We have a structured and competent design place of work. We are not at the heart from the atom. " Stanislas Baugé and Jean-Paul Picard supply no price "in relation on the competition" nor any key determine: "We have two years involving work before us.

We manufacture ESP components (pressure equipment) rather than ESPN components (nuclear pressure equipment). We are competitive and adequately rated. We play from the big leagues. But it isn't pure nuclear, Stanissas Baugé, president belonging to the group Nawi who bought Guerton inside 2013, and Jean-Paul Picard, director on the site of Bonneval, immediately specify. This allows us to option directly with EDF, which is actually our main customer.

The tubes are then threaded 1 by 1 with your finger. " Nuclear energy represents "a big third" associated with Guerton's business: "We design and build heat exchangers that are an essential part of a plant. " By acquiring Citec, which participated in the creation of the French nuclear fast, in 1989, Guerton revived it's activity for nuclear power crops. ".. "We have unique know-how. You can find about fifty heat exchangers for any water station


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